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What is Remotasks?

Remotasks is a micro tasking site that pays users (independent contractors) to complete small and easy tasks.

By doing these simple tasks, you’ll be helping Remotasks clients (both small startups and large public companies) build and train smarter AI (think self-driving tech, image recognition, categorization, and more).

Company Info

  • Founded: 2017.
  • Name: Smart Ecosystem Inc.
  • Located: 398 11th Street San Francisco, California US 94103.
  • Founder: NA.
  • Socials: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn
  • Contact details:

Is Remotasks Legit?

As of now, I’d say Remotasks is legit. They’ve been around since 2017 and have a large community of workers, they’re active on socials (mainly Facebook/Instagram) and Discord, they have a helpful support team, and most importantly, they pay.

How it works

Do tasks, get paid. It’s that simple. From labeling images to transcribing audio, earn money completing simple tasks.

After you’ve successfully signed up, you can head over to the training center to complete courses and unlock paid tasks. The courses usually only take around 5-15 minutes to complete.

At the end of each course, there will be a short quiz to assess your understanding of that specific task.

Remotasks Earning Potential

Here’s the earnings data we’ve gathered from Remotasks users:

  • Highest $/hour: $20
  • Lowest $/hour: $0.05
  • Avg. $/hour: $3.63
  • Highest $/month: $400
  • Lowest $/month: $0.58
  • Avg. $/month: $119.72

As you can see, earnings fluctuate a lot on this platform. That’s due to a variety of things:

  1. Volume of work: Our review writer found that projects were almost always available on Remotasks. The more projects you choose to take part in, the more tasks you’ll receive in your task queue. Out of all the Remotasks users we’ve surveyed, the majority reported receiving work either a few times a week or a few times a day.
  2. Pay per task: The pay varies based on the type of task chosen. Language and 2D tasks pay peanuts ($0.01-$0.15) but only take a few minutes and the 3D tasks pay more but take way longer. So the trick is to try them all out and find the projects that are worth your time.
  3. Accuracy: The amount you’ll earn from each task will depend on your accuracy (ie. how well you do the work). To get the full amount of your earnings, you have to be 100% accurate which, in my opinion, isn’t that hard if you pay close attention when you’re doing your tasks.
  4. Experience: Once you’ve mastered a task, it should be a breeze and you’ll be able to complete tasks more quickly.

How you can earn?

You’re paid per accepted task. The amount paid will vary depending on task complexity. They’ll pay you via PayPal or AirTM on Thursdays, so please be sure to have a valid PayPal or AirTM email in your account before Monday 12:00 AM UTC to be eligible to receive payout the following Thursday!

Really Taskers get paid?

Remotasks have thousands of taskers working on our platform that get paid every week. If you’d like to connect with one of them, let us know!

How to do task?

Once you create your account, you’re able to start taking courses in the Remotasks Training Center. After you complete a course and are enabled to work on a project, you can start doing tasks and earning!

How to join Remotasks?

You can create an account on Remotasks by visiting the Sign Up page, after that, you will be able to join Remotasks, using your Facebook or Gmail account. Once in your account, you can start taking courses in the Remotasks Training Center. Then you can start tasking and earning!

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